San Juan de Gaztelugatxe the island in Spain

Gaztelugatxe is a small island which is a part of the Basque country in Spain. It has an artificial connection to the mainland in the form of a bridge. The main attraction of the island is the hermitage which is dedicate to John the Baptist. Although it receives a steady influx of tourists all year round, the best time to visit is during the spring season. Read below for a detailed overview of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Island. The church is closed during the winter so you will miss out on visits if you happen to schedule a tour during this season.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Places to See

The main purpose of a tourist visit should be to visit the hermitage which is the principal attraction of the island. Built sometime in the 9th or 10th century, it has its origin in the Kinghts Templar. As per legend, the tiny church built on rocky area was donated by Lady Tota to a monk who was part of the order of monastery of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. One of the main purposes of the Island was to serve as a strategic spot for invaders. It was put to good use to this very effect innumerable times in history. The hermitage was used as a burial place and also houses offerings made by sailors who managed to survive the gruesome sea.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Another attraction is the bridge itself. It is an artificial bridge that connects the mainland to the Island. You can access the 237 steps of the stone bridge by using a relatively narrow route. It is a custom to ring the bell thrice after climbing the steps. If you are into meditation, there is a separate area nearby where you can relax and meditate in complete silence. Since very few people actually venture to this place, it is not very crowded and is a good place to visit if you are looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Things to Do

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a relatively peaceful space with some mesmerising views of the sea. You can simply relax here and watch the innumerable birds that flock in season. The scenic beauty of the rocky coast is another view that attracts photography enthusiasts to this Island. If you are into bird watching, then the place is a paradise for you since it is frequented by many bird species.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

It is always best to come prepared and carry some food with you as there are very few restaurants in the Island. Ensure that you grab a bottle of wine and some delicacies and spend an entire day here. The coastline is under heavy erosion due to the constant waves hitting the coast and makes for a rugged coastline which is worth exploring. The best way to do so is to park your car and then explore on foot. There are many scenic locations on route and you can also book a guided tour or rely solely on your guide book since the Island is in itself not very huge and can be covered alone.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Best Tourist Places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot of tourist attractions to offer which is why the place is a favourite among tourists. Right from local tribe interactions to National Parks, the place is teeming with natural and man-made wonders. Read below to get an overview of the best tourist places to visit in New Zealand.

Tourist places in new zealand


This peninsular region if famous for its beaches with white sand where you can enjoy a quiet stroll or spend some quality time with your loves ones. There is a lot of wildlife and forests here which you can explore at your leisure. Hot water beach is the most famous of all tourist attractions in New Zealand.

Coromandel in new zealand

Tasman National Park

You can only explore this fabulous park on foot since it’s closed for vehicles. You can spot penguins here while hiking and many bird species also inhabit the area.

Tasman national park in newzealand
Bark Bay, Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Sky Tower

Located in Auckland, it is a communication tower that offers breathtaking views. At a height of about 328 metres, it also has a revolving restaurant.

Sky Tower in new zealand


The city is famous for its culture and art movement. The city’s architecture is unique and a delight to watch. There is an annual Napier Art Deco weekend where you can sample the city’s culture and enjoy the vintage delights on offer.

Napier in New Zealand


If you are a nature lover and planning a trip to New Zealand, then Kaikoura should definitely be your first destination. You can spot dolphins here and also enjoy meals that focus on sea food. If you are lucky, you can even spot whales and many species of fishes. Best way to visit is to take a hike through the natural forest.

Kaikoura in new zealand


Known as the thermal land, this place is full of natural geysers and thermal springs. Most of them are in the park area and Wai-o-Tapu is the most famous. The springs here are colourful due to the rich mineral and salts content.

Rotorua in New Zealand

Bay of Islands

It is a connected chain of more than 140 islands and is very popular among tourists. You can spot whales and dolphins here and the place also organises yacht tour for tourists. If you are looking for a nice place with little disturbance then Bay of Islands is the perfect destination for you.

Bay of Islands in new zealand


Not very far from Rotorua, it is a bit small in size but that makes it perfect for a quick visit. The place has a lake and many thermal springs and geysers due to volcanic activity. You can also schedule a visit to the nearby Tongariro National Park.

Taupo in New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier

Easy to access, this is why it is so popular among tourists. You can access the glacier through Christchurch. Tour operators provide helicopter rides if you wish to view the glacier via aerial route. The air route also offers some breathtaking views and is bound to excite you if you are a budding photographer.

Franz Josef Glacier in new zealand

Bay of Plenty

It is near Auckland and is home to some of the finest beaches in New Zealand. You can also sample the local Kiwi fruit here and can also schedule a visit to the White Island Volcano.

Bay of Plenty in New Zealand

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

Hungarian parliament building is one of the largest and highest buildings in Hungary as of today. It is famous for its Gothic style architecture which attracts many visitors. The building dates back to the nineteenth century and it is the second largest parliament building in all of Europe. Read below for a detailed overview of the Hungarian Parliament Building if you are planning to visit the spot.

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

Things to see

The interior of the building is constructed magnificently and deserves special mention. The dome is in the style of renaissance architecture and the building is fully symmetrical. The rich façade houses many statues which are a delight to view. You are allowed to walk along the ornamental stairs and from here you can view the frescoes which adorn the ceilings.

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

The building is so enormous that it houses 11 elevators, 27 gates and 10 courtyards. The building is open throughout the year to tourists but visit are often regulated so it’s best to enquire with the visitor centre for current and updated information. If you are into photography, try and photograph the building from the river Danube side which offers a breathtaking view of the entire building. The building is decorated with approximately 80 pounds of gold and many other precious stones were utilised in its construction.

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

The Kossuth memorial is just outside the building and deserves special mention. There is also a statue of Francis II Rakoczi. The coronation regalia, orb, sceptre are some of the interesting items on display inside the parliament building. There are many sculptures inside the main building and it is always best to book a guided tour or take the help of a guide book for information. You can also take a river cruise that will offer better views of the entire building.

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

The coronation jewels are some of the best on display and are sure to excite you. There is a security check outside the entrance which takes time so it’s best to arrive early as the place also gets crowded by afternoon. Ensure that you enquire with the tour operator as the Hungarian Parliament tour is often cancelled on short notices.

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

The central hall is the most famous spot inside the building and the stained glass paintings are among the other architectural marvels. Guided tours are available in many languages so you won’t have a problem communicating with the guides. It is always advisable to take the guided tour first and then spend some time in exploration. The building is huge so it’s best to keep one full day aside for a satisfactory visit. You can book a tour online to ensure your place is reserved.

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary

You can access the building through the Budapest Metro. Come in through the Lajos Kossuth Square metro station which is located near the building. Accommodation is readily available near the Parliament building itself since it is a famous tourist place. However, accommodation is often crowded so it’s best to book a place early.

Hungarian Parliament Building in Hungary