At Bali, Indonesia for Honeymoon

At Bali, Indonesia for Honeymoon

Bali is one of the most beautiful honeymoon spots in Indonesia. It receives a healthy influx of tourists all year round owing to its popularity as a holiday destination. Bali offers a unique blend of culture and modern amenities making it a very popular honeymoon destination. If you are planning to visit Bali for your honeymoon, be sure to go through some must visit recommendations below that can help you narrow down your search. Ensure that you search enough honeymoon packages as Bali can tend to be a bit expensive if you are on a strict budget due to its popularity.

At Bali, Indonesia


Komodo Island is so beautiful that you can spend some quality time here without getting bored. It is a fantastic spot for planning your honeymoon and you could either indulge in diving with your significant other at the Merah beach or Tatawa islands. You can also try snorkelling at the Pink beach or visit the Komodo National Park. There are many interesting activities and secluded spots in Komodo where you can plan your special evening with your partner.

Komodo in indonesia

Ora Beach

Ora beach has become very popular lately owing to its remote location promising privacy for honeymoon couples. You can also try your hand at mountaineering in Ora beach or simply take a stroll with your partner at the beach. Snorkelling is also very popular at the Ora beach because of its clear waters. Manusela Park is another popular tourist spot.

Ora Beach In Indonesia


Banyuwnegi is a very popular honeymoon spot and is known for its natural beauty. You can visit the Ijen volcano at Banyuwengi or enjoy a safari ride with your life partner. Surfing and snorkelling are offered by many tour operators here and some hotel packages are likely to include this deal. There are also many good restaurants in Banyuwengi where you are assured of a romantic meal.

Banyuwengi in indonesia

Banda Islands

The Banda islands are world famous for their clear waters and enthralling marine life. You can try your hand at sailing or diving at the Banda islands or simply relax at one of the many quiet beaches. Banda has many restaurants that offer many sea food delights so ensure that you book yourself a romantic dinner here.

Banda islands in indonesia

Togean Islands

Togean Islands offers many good diving spots because of the many coral reefs that are in abundance in the region. Barrier reef is the most famous and you can explore it at your own leisure. Ensure that you spend at least one full day here. Togean islands offer a unique cultural experience making them a very popular destination among honeymoon couples.

Togean islands in indonesia

Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is a very popular honeymoon spot in Bali and known for its quiet beach. You can get yourself sun tanned here and also try surfing or diving. You can also go for the popular Bali Safari or visit the Mangrove tour. If you and your partner are in some mood for getting a glimpse at the culture, then ensure you book yourself a dance at Pura Tanah Lot.

Kuta Beach in indonesia