Beautiful Places to visit on tour to New Zealand

Whether you are casual nature lover or looking to spending some quality time with your partner, there are many beautiful places to visit on tour to New Zealand. There are many exotic beaches where you enjoy a stroll, New Zealand is teeming with wildlife and you can plan an escapade at one of the many National Parks. Read below for a list of beautiful places to visit if you are planning a visit to New Zealand.

Beautiful places in new zealand

Franz Josef

The place is ideal if you are looking for a quiet and secluded spot to spend some time with your partner. There are many hot pools and the place is also home to forests which you can explore at your leisure. You can relax a hot bath in the pools or enjoy a hike trip in this picturesque spot.

Franz josef in new zealand


If you are into nature, then Zealanida is the best place for you. Its home to many rare species and is yet untouched by human habitation offering you a rare visit to a wild life wonder away from the noisy confines of city life. You can also try one of the popular trails in the forests and enjoy a nice walking tour of the wilderness.

New zealand places

Golden Bay

This quiet region offers a natural landscape that is a mesmerising experience. There are frequent sandstorms in the area so come prepared. Explore the trail known popularly as the Farewell spit. There is so much natural beauty to explore here that you will never get bored.

Golden bay in new zealand

Waitakare Beaches

The place has three main beaches which are fabulous spots for a quiet picnic. The place is ideal if you are planning a quiet getaway as you can stroll along the coast or enjoy a swim in the clear waters. There are also many sporting activities on offer here and you can book a spot for yourself easily by visiting any tour operator.

Waitakare beaches in new zealand


It is a peninsula near the city of Auckland. It is the perfect spot for watching a sunset or to enjoy a dinner in one of the many good restaurants in the region. The place is world famous for its Hot Water Beach where you can dig one with your bare hands. There are so many beaches in the vicinity that you will have a tough time deciding which one to visit first. Located in the are is the city of Thames known for gold mining.

Coromandel in new Zealand


It is a thermal natural wonder and well known for the many geysers and natural hot springs that are in abundance in the region. Wai-O-Tapu is well known for many colourful hot springs and is a very popular tourist attraction.

Rotorua in new zealand

Bay of Islands

It is home to some of the best islands in New Zealand. A total of 144 islands are located in the region and there are many isolated spots where you can plan a nice holiday without getting disturbed. There is a lot of sea life which you can explore in the Bay of Islands including dolphins, penguins and whales.

Bay of islands in new zealands