Best Bars in Australia

One your trip to Australia as a visiting place, you come across various beautiful places to visit and to relax. Bars and pubs are not distinct too. After spending the long day visiting the spots in morning, you can have a relaxing night at these bars having a drink with your friends. If you enjoy occasional drinking, then you can find some of the best bars at various cities of Australia to experience the sample. There are many famous bars that make you comfortable. Some of the best bars out there are listed below.

  1. Gotham Bar (Sydney):

Gotham bar of the Sydney will reach your expectations truly about the quality that you are looking for. This bar welcomes you even in the morning times and gives you satisfaction.

Great Gotham Bar

You will have the place to sit back, dance and relax in the upper stairs of the bar and in the down stairs a bar with variety of drinks such as Hobo cup and cocktail. The prices of the cocktail here are normal. The drinks and cocktail will give your exclusive experience.

Gotham Bar (Sydney)

  1. The Melbourne Supper Club (Melbourne):

Fantastic Melbourne Supper Club

This is such a high-quality bar with really expensive cocktail. It had a touch of rich people night club. This is one of the old bars and now it had a huge wine list of the town and along with a rooftop bar.

Melbourne Supper Club

Many citizens as well as the visitors to the Melbourne enjoy the pleasure of this bar. This is such a renowned bar which welcomes many tourists with cocktail rooms.

The Melbourne Supper Club

  1. Burdekin Bar (Sydney):

Stunning Burdekin Bar

This is one of the best bars that you can come across for partying. It would be a paradise for the visitors of the bar. The bar takes a good responsibility of their customers and serves them drinks.

Awesome Burdekin Bar

They also offer an atmosphere for prolonged drinking as well as dancing time. You can find wide variety of cocktail brands over there. The server of the bar will pay the immense attention with the expertise they have. It has a wonderful music that makes even a normal person to dance. You will really have a great time over the bar at night.

Burdekin Bar

  1. Fat Louie’s (Brisbane):

Fat Louie’s of the Brisbane is a marvelous lights club and the couches that moves you to the party mood. This bar features karaoke rooms to provide entertainment and also some local performances. There are local bands in this karaoke rooms that will perform in the club on every Friday and Saturday to make people enjoy their drink with music. All in all if you are looking to enjoy your night with a band, this would be the perfect club.

Fat Louies bar

These are some of the best bars that you can come across in various cities of Australia. Apart from these, Australia is also housed with many rooftop bars that are famous and you will definitely have a great time over there. So, go spend your nights over these best bars and have a relaxing and entertaining night with your friends.

Great Fat Louies Bar