Blue Lagoon, A Geothermal Spa in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the most popular tourist destinations and gets a steady stream of visitors all year round. This artificial lagoon is located in a lava field and gets its water supply from a power plant. Read below for an overview of The Blue Lagoon that can help you in planning your trip.

Blue lagoon geothermal

Things to Do

A dip in the Blue Lagoon is good anytime. The lagoon is very rich in minerals and salts that impart it its medicinal value. Visitors are required to take a bath before using the facility. The steaming waters of the Blue Lagoon will soothe away your pain and help you in relaxing. It was even used in research for skin ailments and the mineral rich water has therapeutic benefits. The lagoon gets its water supply from a nearby power plant and is not natural but artificial in origin.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Blue Lagoon Iceland

Once you have had a relaxing bath at the lagoon, spare some time and visit the sauna and a steam bath that is carved out of a cave. There are also other novel features such as the massaging waterfall. The place also has shops and cafes where you can get some nice delicacies to eat. The place also has a swim up bar where you can order a drink for yourself. It is the perfect place to relax and will serve as a good outing for your loved ones.

Blue Lagoon geothermal in iceland

Since the place is so peaceful and relaxing, you should ideally keep one full day aside for a wholesome experience. Make travel plans early and since the weather in Iceland can be a bit unpredictable, enquire with the local tourist information centre before venturing ahead. Transport is not a problem because the place is frequented by tourists and you can also hitch a ride during the day.

The Blue Lagoon Homesthetic

It is always best to plan your trip in the early hours of the morning as the place gets very crowded afternoon. It is on the list of top ten spas in the world and gets a lot of visitors. Iceland takes its hygiene very seriously so follow directions and remember to take a bath before you plunge in.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal spa in iceland

Regardless of the weather, the waters are always at a higher temperature and it is safe for people for all ages. The place is huge and there are locker rooms available. Temperatures of 98 to 1020 F are maintained at the lagoon waters and it is very pleasant no matter what season. You can even book tickets online to skip the long queues at the Blue Lagoon. Local travel agents are also available and you can avail of their services if you like.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal

How to Reach?

The Blue Lagoon is located in Grindavik, in the southern region of Iceland. It is not very far from Reykjavik and you can also fly in. Nearest airport is Keflavik International Airport. If you are coming in from Reykjavik, then the travel time is 40 minutes.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal