Top Islands in Greece

Greece is facing an economic crisis currently but this also means that there are many discounts offered by tour operators and you can get very good deals that you otherwise may not. There are many islands in Greece where you can plan a quiet vacation away from the noises of mainstream cities. There are some hidden uninhabited gems such as the island of Farmakonisi and the popular island of Corfu which was a heaven for artists and writers. We have compiled a list of top islands in Greece which can help you narrow down your itinerary.

Top Islands in Greece


This is the best place to be if you are a beach lover. The Myrtos beach is one of the best and you can take a quiet stroll here or enjoy the shipwreck bay of Zakynthos. The place is accessible by boat and you get a fabulous view of the coastline.

Zakynthos Islands in Greece


Mykonos is the best place to be if you find yourself in a party mood. The town has many special events and you can indulge in great food and great wines. It’s the best spot for relaxation and partying.

Mykonos Islands in Greece


It is an uninhabited island and legend has it that the population was executed by Julius Caesar who wanted to revenge his kidnappers that had held him hostage on this island. You can get there via boat and remember to take your own supplies since the place is deserted.

Farmakonisi Islands in Greece


Tilos is teeming with biodiversity. It was once famous for its pygmy elephants that are now extinct but the spot is still very good for watching birds or for taking a stroll. It is uninhabited so remember to take your own supplies. The island s best explored on foot and you can take your time exploring it.

Tilos Islands in Greece


This quiet island became famous because of the many writers who penned their works while living on this very island. The island finds mention in Gerald Durrell’s works, My Family and other Animals. The place is very serene and it’s the perfect spot for a quiet holiday.

Corfu Islands in Greece


The island is a natural wonder but not many people know about it which is a good thing as this makes it a perfect place for a quiet vacation. The island is inhabited by less than 100 people and you can get there via boat service. Plan a long holiday well in advance as the strong winds may often leave you stranded on the island until the weather clears up.

Gavdos Islands in Greece


Lost much of its fabulous landscape due to a volcanic eruption but is still a very good place for a vacation. The place is known for its magnificent coastline consisting of sheer drops and rapid cliffs. The volcano is now extinct and you can still see the remnants of the rim that was generated as a result of the explosion. The population of the island is largely confined to the town of Fira located in the western region of the rim.

Thira Islands in Greece

People and Culture of Scotland

Scotland’s history dates back to the 12th century when the various clans established the Scottish empire. The culture of Scotland is very colourful with a combination of music, sports and community based interactions. While the bagpiper playing Scottish pipers are the most famous, there are many other cultural aspects that deserve attention. The Scottish people are also fun and exciting. There are many ways to imbibe the Scottish culture but the best place to start is the capital Edinburgh.

People and Culture of Scotland

Scottish People

The people of Scotland are also a lively lot and the state has people from many ethnicities. This diverse culture is a hallmark of the state. Majority of the population comprises of the native Gaelic people along with many Pakistanis, Indians and Chinese who work in businesses and are a part of the economy. Scotland is a heaven for tourists and artists which is why the place sees a healthy influx of many people all year round. The capital city of Edinburgh is a sight to behold as it is one of the few cities in the world where the ancient culture is still preserved. Even roads have not been changed and the early style of stone roads and pavements is still preserved. There is a museum in every corner in Scotland which will teach you a lot about the culture and people of this wonderful state.

Scottish People

Scottish Culture

The Scottish culture also has a very long tradition of dining and the associated wines. The Scottish whiskey is famous world over and is often used to start a celebration. Common foods include ground beef and potatoes. Sea food has seen a comeback and is a part of everyday cuisine in Scotland.

Scottish Culture

The religious focus of life centres around Catholics and Protestants, the two major religions that are practised widely here which is why the place has many historical and newly built cathedrals which are worth a visit. With the influx of immigrants from world over, there are also other places of worship in the region. Barring some cultural tensions, Scotland is known for its peace and tranquillity. It is the best place to relax and soak in the rich culture of the Highlands. The May Day festival of Beltane which celebrates bonfires is one of the best festivals to attend. There are also many annual Highland Gatherings which features a lot of singing and dancing along with awesome food.


Scotland also has a lot to offer to artists. The place has many art galleries, centres and also organises many festivals all year round. The Royal National Orchestra and the Opera are some unique aspects which should not be missed if you are planning a trip to Scotland.

Art of pople culter of scotland

The Edinburgh festival celebrates ballet and opera and you must ensure that drop in to soak in the magnificent beauty of Scotland’s culture and tradition. Folk music has had a long tradition in Scotland and lately has seen some revival. The Ceilidh is a popular folk event that centres on cultural dances set to attractive tunes.