The Mt. Zion National Park: Utah’s Paradise, USA

Mt. Zion National Park is located in Springdale, Utah and is a famed tourist destination. The place has many canyons which require some time for exploration but Zion canyon without a doubt is the most famous of all. Read below for a detailed overview of Mt. Zion National Park.

The Mt. Zion National Park

Places to See

The park is a very good spot for hiking and mountaineering. It is home to some of the best trails in the region and there are so many cliffs and canyons that you will have a tough time deciding what to explore first. Most famed is the Weeping rock which is in between two canyons. The Weeping rock spring attracts a sizeable number of visitors so ensure that you reach early.

The Mt. Zion National Park

The Virgin River has created many gorges but the most famous is the collection known as the Zion Narrows. The Kolob canyons is not well connected by road but is nevertheless a place that should be on your must see list. You can rent a car or take a shuttle to explore the park. There is a Zion Human History museum which is closed during November to February but open otherwise. The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive will provide you breathtaking views of the National Park and should be on your list. The Kolob terrace is another spot that you should not visit.

The Mt. Zion National Park

Things to Do


You can walk your way through this natural wonder and enjoy the many breathtaking views that Mt. Zion offers. There are a number of canyons that you can explore at your own leisure. While you can take the help of guided tours, a simple guide book is sufficient for you to explore the region on your own. However, ensure that you first visit the visitor centre before venturing out on your own as they will guide you about the local conditions and weather.

The Mt. Zion National Park


While there are many tourist resorts and lodges available in the region, a trip to Mt. Zion is not complete without camping. It will give you an opportunity to bask in the natural glory of this magnificent place. South Campground and Watchman Campground are two noteworthy camp sites which deserve special mention.

The Mt. Zion National Park

Wildlife Watching

The place is well known for the sightings of the bald eagle and condors. There are more than 200 avian species in Mt. Zion making it a paradise for bird lovers. You will also get a chance to photograph the natural breeding sites and nests of the many bird species that frequent the area.

The Mt. Zion National Park

The National Park is currently serviced by only one lodge but there are many places to stay in and around the park. Try to avoid the rainy season as the area is frequented by landslides making it unsafe for hiking. You can drive through your own car or take a bus but there is no bus service inside the park. Saint George is the nearest airport if you are planning to fly in. There is a $25 entry fee for all private cars that wish to enter.

The Mt. Zion National Park

Journey to Grand Canyon via Helicopter

The Grand Canyon is one of the greatest natural wonders. Spread over an area of over 270 miles in length, the place is teeming with natural beauty. Such a huge expanse is best travelled by the aerial route and there are many operators in the area that offer such services. The tours on offer range from landed tours to simple fly bys that will offer you a bird’s eye view of the region. Since the area sees a lot of influx of tourists from all over the world, it is always best to book a place in advance if you decide to go for a helicopter trip. Most helicopter tours will also include ground transportation in a car but make sure that you check with the company in advance as some operators do not provide such service. Below is a list of pointers to help you select the right kind of tour to make your Grand Canyon trip an unforgettable experience.

Grand Canyon via Helicopter

South Rim Tour

This tour will help you explore the South Rim region and the helicopters are provided with huge windows that will let you explore the breathtaking views that lie outside. Most of the tour operators offer short trips of about half an hour and the Dragon Corridor is one of the highlights of the trip. So make sure you book yourself a tour in advance once you plan your trip to the Grand Canyon.

South rim tour grand canyon

Skywalk Tour

This tour is perfect for those who are hard pressed for time. Focussed on the western region of the canyon; the helicopter takes visitors to the skywalk which stands out 70 feet from the edge and allows a breathtaking view of the region. This tour will also allow you to view the Mead Lake and Hoover dam. It offers a unique experience of the Grand Canyon as it’s much better to stand at one spot and view the natural beauty of this natural wonder.

Skywalk tour grand conyon

Red Tour

This helicopter tour starts from the South Rim and goes around the Grand Canyon. There are narrated audio tapes available on board for a better and informed experience. This tour will let you enjoy the Zuni Point, Eastern Gorge and the Dragon Corridor.

Red tour grand canyon

Imperial Tour

This is one of the longest of all tours and offers a stunning view of the Unkar delta, the Zuni Corridor and the Desert View Point. You will come across many beautiful sights and the tour will take you inside the deepest parts of the Grand Canyon. You will get to fly past the Colorado river and get a close view of the natural geological formations that resulted in the formation of this region.

Imperial tour grand canyon

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tour

Because of Las Vegas’s proximity to the Grand Canyon, you can also book a tour that originates from there. Since it’s a lower region, the helicopter can descend a lot more and you will come across many photogenic areas. You can also visit the Hualapai tribal park and partake in its natural beauty.

Las vegas grand canyon

Plan Honeymoon in Hawaii Island

Hawaii’s many islands such as Maui, Kauai, Lanai and Oahu offer many popular honeymoon destinations which are an ideal place to stay at if you are planning your honeymoon in Hawaii. There are many historical places which you can visit in Hawaii or you could spend time in the many beaches that are in abundance in the region. Each island in Hawaii offers a unique, private holidaying experience making it the best of all honeymoon destinations. You could take help of the below mentioned tips if you are planning your special honeymoon in Hawaii.

Honeymoon in hawaii island

Planning your holiday

Each island offers something unique for visitors so if you are into nature, we would suggest you start with Kauai which is home to many parks and wildlife which you will surely love. You could plan a lover’s trail along the picturesque coast of Napili or could try your hand at kayaking, a very popular sports activity at Kauai. If you want something private and quiet, then the remote island of Lanai is the best bet. Maui is known for diving and also for its fabulous sunsets. So choose a spot after discussing with your partner.

Planning your holiday in hawaii

Places to stay

There are plentiful of resorts in Hawaii but you could get a fantastic deal if you were to try some lesser known resort. Ensure that you book a honeymoon suite that comes with other tourists packages such as sightseeing or boat tours. Hawaii gets very crowded during the spring season and also sees prices skyrocketing during this time, so plan your honeymoon accordingly.

Places to stay in hawaii

Try a Condo

Condos are the best places for budget conscious couples and besides, they offer some much needed privacy which is why they are so popular among newlywed couples. There are some condo resorts offering a luxurious experience.

Try a condo in hawaii


If you are planning a special romantic dinner at Hawaii for your loved one, then you could try the Kona Brewing Company for some quality brews before you actually go for dinner. Shaved ice is one of the best ways to end a dinner in Hawaii and you must definitely try some. Kona is world renowned for its coffee and you must give it a try. Places like Greenwell farms also offer coffee tours of plantations. Volcano house is another popular dining spot but the place is crowded so reach early to grab your spot.

Hawaii Restaurants


There are many activities for honeymoon couples in Hawaii. Big Island is world famous for its fabulous beaches and should be on your to do list. Punalu’s black sand beach and Captain Cook Monument are other places that deem a visit. You can also try snorkelling at the Captain Cook Monument or go whale watching. Volcano National Park is another place which is a very popular tourist spot and you must find time to visit it. Plan a full day for the volcanoes and come prepared since the place gets very cold at night. The Akaka falls is another popular spot that you must definitely visit with your partner.

Activities in hawaii