Extinct volcano sites in Australia

Australia is a land of many extinct volcanoes dating since long back. Extinct volcano sites are a combination of magical landscape and geology. Today these extinct volcanoes have been the tourist natural attractions of the Australia. Visiting these extinct volcano sites is really amazing and is worthy to visit. You don’t have to worry about visiting them because, they are extinct and they won’t erupt again. So, go through the below extinct volcano sites and visit them on your trip to Australia.

  1. Mount Gambier:

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is the largest regional city of the South Australia which had one of the youngest volcanos previously and which is extinct now.

Fantastic Mount Gambier

The age of the volcano ranges between 28,000 to nearly 4,300. It is thought to be formed through the center mantle plume which is known as East Australia hotspot. Now, the region is having many lakes, volcanic eruptions, cluster of craters. The largest and most beautiful among the lakes over the area is blue lake and this is formed by the natural phenomenon.

Awesome Mount Gambier

  1. Table Cape:

Nice Table Cape

Table cape is one of the natural wonders of the north-western Tasmania’s. This table cape is formed from one of the extinct volcanoes which is used to be in oval shaped table and extends to the Bass Strait.

Stunning Table Cape

It is one of the highlights of the coastline which lies behind the town Wynyard. This is also known to be one of the tourist attractions with lighthouses, national park and many more.

Table Cape

  1. Tower Hill State Game Reserve:

This is one of the impressive extinct volcanoes which is located on the south-west coast of Victoria. It is 4 Km wide and 80 meters high. This tower hill volcano was first sighted by the French explorers in 1802. Now the area is the part of Tower Hill State Game Reserve. The cone shaped carter is extended between the Warrnambool and the port Fairy.

Tower Hill State Game Reserve

It is know the house for the wild life with many native animals such as kangaroos, koalas, emus and many more. This is such an impressive site for many visitors today.

Smashing Tower Hill State Game Reserve

  1. Tweed Volcano:

It is one of the incredible extinct volcano sites in the north-east New South Wales. The part of the area is called as the Australia’s Green Cauldron which is declared a landscaped as a significance of nation. It is single tower volcano with 100 Km. The erosions of the volcano since millions of years has lead to the caldera’s formation all round the volcanic cap. The caldera is the largest in the south hemisphere and has been a wonderful spot for many tourists and the volcanic experts as well as geologists.

Amazing Tweed Volcano

These are the extinct volcano sites in Australia. All these are formed million years ago and now are extinct. Some of these extinct volcanoes are present tourist attractions or spots. Apart from this, there are also many other extinct volcanoes in many regions of Australia such as, New South Wales, Victoria, South and west Australia, Tasmania etc.

Tweed Volcano