Famous Places to Travel with Kids

Travel is synonymous with education and a great way to help children imbibe new ideas. There are many famous places where you can travel with your kids but we have compiled the list below to help you narrow down your choices.

Grand Canyon

You can enjoy it through the eyes of a helicopter or take the skywalk and enjoy the Grand Canyon in all its glory. It is one of the most important natural wonders and will be a great geographical lesson for your kid.

Grand Canyon

The Freedom Trail

The popular Pirates and Patriots tour will serve as a great way to learn history. It’s a fantastic and fun way to teach your kids about their past. The colourful costumes and role enactments by the tour guides here is a treat to watch. Kids are more receptive to ideas if you can combine it with a bit of fun which is why The Freedom Trail is such a good idea.

Freedom Trail

Niagra Falls

This breathtaking majestic site is a must visit spot with your kids. You could also try for the Cave of the Winds Tour and soak in the mighty waters from above. Ensure that you have one full day with you as the place is so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to leave in a hurry. You could also try some of the off beaten trails and get to know more about the geological formations that exist in the area.

Niagra falls

Walt Disney World Resort

Every kid would love to go to the Walt Disney World Resort and not without good reason. This theme park is an absolute treat and you must take your kids whenever you plan a visit. There are many tours on offer here such as the Wild Africa Trek which will take you through the jungles of Africa. Also on offer are great restaurants and cafes that offer delicious foods. The place is massive so keep one day aside for this alone. There are so many rides on offer that the kids will have a tough time deciding.

Walt Disney World Resort

Yellowstone National Park

This fabulous park is the best place to be for some relaxation. The kids will love it as it has loads of water and the place is teeming with geysers and springs. The park has some tours specifically aimed at children and they can sign up for it. Scientists dressed funnily will explain the various chemical processes that result in these formations and your kids will definitely love it. You can try a horse ride or a boat ride in the lake and there are many activities to choose from.

Yellowstone national park

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is world famous for housing more than 800 species and is a great fun filled activity for any kid. The Polar Bear Plunge is also now open after a renovation and you can also learn about the helicopter which was used in real arctic expeditions. There are also theme based tours available at the San Diego Zoo and you can start with one that intrigues you the most.

San Diego Zoo