How to spend time in Manarola, Italy

Manorala is a picturesque small village in Italy and is a very good vacation spot if you are looking for some quiet time. The place is well known for its culture and fishing and sunbathing are very common here. You can relax at the beach or take a quiet stroll in crowd free Manarola. If you are planning a vacation to Manarola and are looking for things to do in the region, then we have compiled a list just for you. The hallmark of the place is of course the Cinque Terre wine cooperative but there are many museums and art centres to explore too. Read below to learn how to spend time Manarola. The place is part of the Cinque Terre or five lands (or villages) out of which Manarola is one.

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Take a Walking Tour

Manarola is a small place and it is very much possible to explore it on a walking tour. Professional guides are available but you can also manage on the basis of a good guide book. Try getting a Cinque Terre card that offers admission to some of the museums and the goat trails where you can get a unique glimpse at the natural beauty of the place. There is a small museum now dedicated to the art of wine making. Manarola Cinque Terre white wine and the new variant sciacchetra which you must try whenever you find yourself in Manarola on your next visit. You can enjoy the wine yards on your walks and spend time learning the art of wine making.

Walking Tour Manarola, Italy


Manarola has a lot of restaurants and offers many delicious items. The Capese is a popular salad dressed in the colours of the national flag of Italy while mussels are also a favoured delicacy here. No dish is however complete without wine in Manarola so try a drink or two before you continue on your journey. The town also organises beach parties where there is a lot to eat and drink along with some dancing. Since Manarola has only a few places where you can stay comfortably, it’s always best to plan ahead and book in advance.

Dining Manarola, Italy

Lover’s Trail

Lover’s trail is very popular among tourists and you must definitely try it if you are in Manarola. It connects the towns of Manarola and Riomaggiore and offers some very good views of the many vine yards in the region. Primary industries in Manarola have been fishing and wine making so expect to see a lot of these two activities. Ensure that you are well prepared for the trip if you decide to go for the Lover’s trail and carry some food with you for use along the way since there aren’t any cafes nearby.

Lover’s Trail Manarola, Italy

White Bell Tower

It is an ancient watch tower and a major tourist attraction these days. It is nearby the San Rocco hospital which is another historical place in Manarola. The tower offers some good panoramic views of the city and the beach.

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