Lovely Spots to visit at Greece on Honeymoon

Greece is a fabulous honeymoon destination and not without good reason. The country is home to some of the best honeymoon destinations where you can enjoy an escapade with your life partner. IF you are looking for some privacy or to surprise your partner with some fabulous cuisine, Greece has something to offer for everyone. There a host of island and scenic spots to choose from if you are planning to visit Greece for your honeymoon. We have narrowed down the list of lovely spots to visit if you are planning your honeymoon in Greece.

Spots for honeymoon in greece


Santorini is a quiet island which is very popular as a honeymoon destination. There are many fabulous beaches in Santorini where you can enjoy watching the sunset with your partner and there are also many restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic dinner.

Santorini in greece


This quiet little heaven is a very popular honeymoon destination in Greece. There are many restaurants in Corfu that offer mouth watering delights where you can plan a romantic date with your partner. Corfu also has many quiet beaches with few visitors so your privacy is guaranteed.

Corfu in greece


Rhodes is very popular among newlyweds since it is home to many quality resorts aimed specially at honeymoon couples. There are a host of historical places for you to visit in Rhodes and the many restaurants in the city offer some very fantastic dinners.

Rhodes in greece


Lesbos is not yet very popular on the tourist map but is a must visit place for honeymoon couples. It s people friendly and has many resorts that offer luxury services. Most resorts in Lesbos have in house spas where you can relax with your significant other. There are also many historical places to explore in Lesbos as the place is known for its Roman era ruins.

Lesbos in greece


The island of Mykonos offers a unique combination of old and new. There are many ruins in Mykonos making it an ideal sport for honeymoon couples. There are also many resorts which aren’t overprices so it is one of the best destinations for honeymoon couples. The cuisine offered is a combination of many cultures and you can plan a romantic dinner while you stay in Mykonos. You can also try water sports such as snorkelling while you stay in Mykonos. There are also many cruises offered by tour operators in Mykonos. You could also explore some nature since there is so much to see in Mykonos.

Mykonos in greece


Crete is the biggest island and very popular among newlywed couples. The place is very good for shopping and there are many gift items that you can purchase here at a bargain price. The place is also home to many resorts and you can easily find many budget options in Crete as the place has many resorts and hotels. Crete is known for its sea food so ensure you try some at the many restaurants that are located in the heart of the city.

Creta in greece