Most Beautiful Places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe and is well known for being safe for travellers and also for the abundant natural beauty that is a hallmark of the country. The countryside is Switzerland is a delight and attracts many tourists. Read below for getting an overview of some of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.

Beautiful Places in Switzerland


Interlaken is a highly popular tourist destination and is known for its spas. It is home to the three most famous mountains in Switzerland and offers breathtaking views and fabulous scenic spots ideal for a quiet picnic.

Interlaken switzerland


It is known for its ski culture and is also home to some historical sites making it a very popular tourist destination.

Lausanne in switzerland


Geneva in spite of being the centre of business has managed to retain its title as the Green City. There are many parks in Geneva and this is why it is also known as the city of parks. St. Pierre cathedral is a popular tourist spot and is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations.

Geneva Switzerland


One of Switzerland’s largest cities, Zurich is home to more than 50 museums offering a lot of cultural and historical value. There are a number of clubs with a rich nightlife culture and you can also enjoy boat rides in the city lakes.

Zurich in Switzerland


If you love skiing, then Zermatt is the best place for you. It has banned gasoline vehicles which is why its pollution free and very popular among tourists. Most vehicles here are battery operated and you can board them to visit the many popular spots in Zermaatt. It is the best place for a quiet holiday.

Zermatt switzerland


Jungfrau is guaranteed heaven if you are a nature lover. Jungfrau is home to many picturesque green valleys and mountains; the place has grown in popularity and receives a steady influx of tourists. It is still not very crowded and you can enjoy a nice and quite holiday in the region. There are many bike trails and walk tours which can help you in exploring the region. The region had four main towns where you can easily book a place to stay.

Jungfrau in switzerland


Located in Lake Lugano from which it derives its name, the city is home to many historical sites and there are many museums which you can explore on your next visit to Lugano. There are also many cultural activities including music festivals which are a delight for any traveller.

Lugano Switzerland

Geneva Lake

It is the largest lake in Europe and one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. There are many cities and towns lining this important lake and you can also try your hand at hiking in the many mountain ranges in the vicinity.

Geneva lake in switzerland


If you are into history, then Bern is the place for you. It is a medieval era town which has many historical sites that are a delight to explore. Main attractions include a Gothic cathedral and a clock tower with moving puppets.

Bern Switzerland