Mount Everest, Challenges for a Traveller

Mount Everest has the unique distinction of being the highest mountain on earth which is why it gets so many visitors throughout the year. But scaling this huge peak is not for everyone and you need to ensure that you plan ahead for the challenges that you may encounter while climbing this peak. Read below for a better overview of the list of challenges which you need to plan for while visiting Mount Everest.

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Altitude Sickness

Most travellers often complain of altitude sickness as the place is at a higher altitude and has limited oxygen supply. A good precaution is to plan your trip for a longer period so you get sufficient time to adjust to the extreme climate. Most tourist operators usually extend the travel period to a fortnight to make the experience less troublesome. Beyond the base camp, oxygen gets depleted rapidly and most travellers complain of shortness of breath so it’s best not to hurry into your trip.

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The weather can be highly unpredictable in the region and many lives have been lost due to the weather in this area so it’s best to remain alert and informed about weather forecasts. Most tour operators will only initiate a climb when the weather forecast is clear for a couple of days as it can be very risky venturing out in harsh weather. Even experienced climbers have lost their lives due to the weather in the region so don’t be adventurous and plan ahead.

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There is always the risk of a fall when climbing the peaks and therefore it’s best to remain prepared and alert. Experienced tour operators will generally inform you about the various life saving techniques but many lives have been lost as a result of accidental falls in the region. Always ensure that all knots are in place and tight and listen to the instructions of tour guides.

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Frequent deaths occur from avalanches in the region. Avalanches are unpredictable and can be triggered easily at anytime. Even falling rock pieces can trigger an avalanche which can often be life threatening. It’s always best to engage the services of an experienced travel guide and you should always venture out in groups.

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Rock Cliffs and Crevasses

There are many crevasses and cliffs where you can slip and fall if you are an inexperienced climber. Teams generally tie ropes around each member to lift up any unfortunate ones who experience a fall in such areas. Ensure that you are on a sure footing while climbing this great mountain. Many of such crevasses are required to cross if you want to reach the destination. Even though the travel is now much more safer than in earlier days but it’s still necessary to plan ahead as the place is still quite risky for travellers.

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Visiting Mouth Everest is a once in a lifetime experience and it is sure to delight you but you should always plan for emergencies as the place can often be risky and there are many natural hazards that can be life threatening so it is always best to take necessary precautions.

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