Must-Visit: Beautiful Tourist Attractions Only in Bali

Bali, as one of the most visited destinations for a long holiday, is often packed with a number of visitors in the high season which could make your holiday uncomfortable. To anticipate this, you must first understand the best times to visit Bali.

Panglipuran Traditional Village, Bangli

Best times to visit Bali

At certain times you can enjoy the feel of Bali, which is peaceful and not full of tourists. You can also visit various must see places in Bali with a relaxed atmosphere. On the Island of the Gods, you will find many exciting and unique tourist objects. Let’s take a look at this article!

Must see places in Bali

  1. Panglipuran Traditional Village, Bangli

If you are interested in seeing a traditional Balinese village still preserved in its authenticity, you must visit Panglipuran Village. Cleanliness in this village is still very well maintained. All existing house designs are still original, starting from gates, roofs, windows, and the houses’ layout. 


Various beautiful plants, flowers and trees are planted inside and outside the house. You can also learn how to make traditional crafts such as woven hats, drinks from natural plants, etc.


  1. Tirta Empul Temple Tampaksiring, Gianyar

This temple, located close to the Tampaksiring Presidential Palace, has unique architecture. Inside the Tirta Empul temple, you will find a pool with a crystal clear and refreshing spring in the middle.


The water from this spring is then channeled into several other pools, which are used for ritual purification by Hindus. The ritual itself is done by washing the body from the pool shower. Visitors who enter this temple must wear a scarf or sarong.


The use of this cloth is intended to respect and maintain the courtesy of visitors when entering the place of worship. The visitors will wear the sarong cloth by tying it from the hips to the feet, while the scarf is worn around the waist to keep the sarong cloth tied.


Sarongs and scarves are also available at the entrance, so you can borrow them if you forget to bring them.


  1. Campuhan Hill, Gianyar

This tourist attraction has recently gone viral on social media. The stunning views of the green Campuhan Hill are very relaxing. This hill is overgrown with lush tropical trees. Here too, you will find rice fields and serene valleys.


The beauty of this hill earned it the name of Hill of Love. However, the location of this hill is quite hidden, so it is still rarely known by tourists. Apart from being a place to unwind, this hill also provides a track for trekking and jogging.


This hill is also suitable as an Instagram photo spot. It is guaranteed that the photos you take are gorgeous and attractive.


Bali has never failed to offer nature and tourist attractions that pamper the eyes as well as the soul. That’s why Bali always makes visitors fall in love.