The Best Things to do in Mexico

Mexico is well known for its vibrant culture and rich heritage which is why it gets a steady flow of tourist throughout the year. There are many things to indulge in right from the majestic beauty of the copper canyon to the great architectural sites dating back to the Mayan period. Below is a list of things to do in Mexico.

Things to do in Mexico

Visit to Acapulco

A visit to Mexico is incomplete without visiting Acapulco. The most popular attraction is the local cliff divers who perform impressive jumps into the ocean. It is a very popular tourist destination among US college teens.

Visit to Acapulco in maxico


It is located in the mountains of Sierra de Guanajuato. This town was founded way back in 1554 and is a standing testimony to the rich colonial history of Mexico. Another unique feature of this city is the underground network of tunnels for vehicular traffic making it the perfect city in the world to enjoy a walking tour.

Guanajuato in maxico


Located off the coast of Yucatan, this area is famous for diving. The place has become a National Marine Park and there are many species of tropical fishes and reefs that inhabit the area. A visit to Mexico is never the same without visiting Cozumel so ensure you do visit the area if you are there.

Cozumel in maxico

Los Cabos

Los Cabos is the name of the beach region near the southern tip of Baja peninsula. The exotic white beaches are sprawled today with restaurants, bars and cafes. It is very good place for relaxation and enjoying the beach. Professional fishing is also permitted here and if you venture far, you can also get to see the whales that are found in the region.

Los Cabos in maxico


A ruin of the famed Maya empire, it is a bit smaller than other archaeological discoveries but is, a fabulous place to visit. The major tourist attraction is the Temple of Inscriptions and a full day is necessary to properly visit the place.

Palenque in maxico

Copper Canyon

It is basically a network of canyons that are in fact much larger than the Grand Canyon. While there are many ways to explore the copper canyon, the railway network is one of the best. The railway line passes through some 37 bridges and 86 tunnels giving you a breathtaking view of the region in all its glory.

Copper Canyon in mexico


The place is another Mayan architectural beauty but sadly, is in a state of decline. It was a major port centre during the Maya period and you can get a glimpse of this magnificent empire by visiting the Tulum.

Tulum in mexico

Chichen Itza

The greatest of all Maya cities, it is the most popular tourist attraction in Mexico. The most famous is the temple at the pyramid of El Castillo. The pyramid is built according to the number of days in a calendar year and its unique architectural design is what makes it so famous. There are other sites here too such as a circular temple of El Caracol.

Chichen Itza mexico

People and Culture of Scotland

Scotland’s history dates back to the 12th century when the various clans established the Scottish empire. The culture of Scotland is very colourful with a combination of music, sports and community based interactions. While the bagpiper playing Scottish pipers are the most famous, there are many other cultural aspects that deserve attention. The Scottish people are also fun and exciting. There are many ways to imbibe the Scottish culture but the best place to start is the capital Edinburgh.

People and Culture of Scotland

Scottish People

The people of Scotland are also a lively lot and the state has people from many ethnicities. This diverse culture is a hallmark of the state. Majority of the population comprises of the native Gaelic people along with many Pakistanis, Indians and Chinese who work in businesses and are a part of the economy. Scotland is a heaven for tourists and artists which is why the place sees a healthy influx of many people all year round. The capital city of Edinburgh is a sight to behold as it is one of the few cities in the world where the ancient culture is still preserved. Even roads have not been changed and the early style of stone roads and pavements is still preserved. There is a museum in every corner in Scotland which will teach you a lot about the culture and people of this wonderful state.

Scottish People

Scottish Culture

The Scottish culture also has a very long tradition of dining and the associated wines. The Scottish whiskey is famous world over and is often used to start a celebration. Common foods include ground beef and potatoes. Sea food has seen a comeback and is a part of everyday cuisine in Scotland.

Scottish Culture

The religious focus of life centres around Catholics and Protestants, the two major religions that are practised widely here which is why the place has many historical and newly built cathedrals which are worth a visit. With the influx of immigrants from world over, there are also other places of worship in the region. Barring some cultural tensions, Scotland is known for its peace and tranquillity. It is the best place to relax and soak in the rich culture of the Highlands. The May Day festival of Beltane which celebrates bonfires is one of the best festivals to attend. There are also many annual Highland Gatherings which features a lot of singing and dancing along with awesome food.


Scotland also has a lot to offer to artists. The place has many art galleries, centres and also organises many festivals all year round. The Royal National Orchestra and the Opera are some unique aspects which should not be missed if you are planning a trip to Scotland.

Art of pople culter of scotland

The Edinburgh festival celebrates ballet and opera and you must ensure that drop in to soak in the magnificent beauty of Scotland’s culture and tradition. Folk music has had a long tradition in Scotland and lately has seen some revival. The Ceilidh is a popular folk event that centres on cultural dances set to attractive tunes.

Most Dangerous Rope Bridges around the World

There are many dangerous bridges in the world and some are still being used by many people in spite of the obvious threat their usage poses. Some are so narrow that it’s a nightmare to cross them; some are constructed poorly or are handcrafted by local people as in the case underdeveloped countries. However, some have been renovated and preserved as heritage and are quite safe to use. Rope bridges however still make us fearful but are a reminder of the ancient architectural skills that existed in a time when machines weren’t as common. Read below to get an idea about some of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

Rede rope bridge ireland

Ghasa, Nepal

Ghasa is one of the most dangerous rope bridges in the world. It is located in Nepal in a remote Gus village, not only is it made narrow but also very small. However, each day it is used by a number of people to cross over to the other side and is also used by cattle.

Nepal rope bridges

Carrick-a-Rede Bridge, UK

Located in Northern Ireland; this bridge sands at a height of about 30 metres. The bridge itself keeps suspending so it is not for the faint hearted and requires a bit of courage if you are to attempt crossing it.

Rede bridge uk

Vine Bridges, Japan

These tiny bridges are located in Ivy valley, Japan. Constructed in ancient times for the soldiers to cross easily, some have stood the test of time and continue to exist today. Located between the Repovesi Nature reserve and the Iya river, these bridges are one of the most dangerous ones in the world.

Vine Bridges, Japan

Kakum Bridge, Ghana

The bridge in Kakum National Park, Ghana is located inside the dense forests of Ghana in Africa. Supported simply by rocks on either side, it is a very dangerous bridge to cross but has managed to be very popular with the tourists. No major accidents till date have been recorded.

Kakum Bridge, Ghana

Trift, Switzerland

The Trift Bridge in Switzerland is another man made marvel and you cannot help admiring this feat of engineering. It is 180 metres in length and 110 metres in height. It underwent some renovation in 2009 and the sides have no support at all, not even ropes!

Trift, Switzerland bridges

Musou Tusribashi Bridge, Japan

Located in Japan, it was constructed way back in the 50’s and is very dangerous. There is hardly any space because of its small dimensions but is used by many people every day.

Musou Tusribashi Bridge, Japan

Aiguille du Midi, France

Located some 12600 feet above the ground, this dangerous bridge is located in France. It is well supported on all sides but is still a nightmare to cross especially those who are afraid of heights.

France bridges

Foot Bridge, Pakistan

There are plenty of foot bridges in Pakistan, each one more dangerous than the other. Constructed poorly, these bridges in most cases were constructed by non experts and are designed poorly. They are more like woods jammed together and tied with rope. Not recommended for the faint hearted.

Foot Bridge, Pakistan