Pamukkale Travel spot in Turkey

Panukkale is a popular destination in Turkey, the word means cotton castle in the Turkish language and is a major tourist attraction. The country has a rich heritage and has been in constant habitation since the ancient age which is why there are so many archaeological sites in Turkey. The country is also famed for its many hot springs and offer a rich experience. Right from the fabulous travertine to the ancient ruins of Heirapolis, there is a lot to see in Turkey. There are a host of activities to enjoy in Pamukkale.

Pamukkale Travel spot in Turkey

Heirapolis ruins

Founded way back in 190 BC, this architectural wonder was once a major military centre. The city has been in decline due to earthquakes but is still a popular tourist destination. There is a Byzantine church, Temple of Apollo and the cave Plutonium. There is also the famous Heirapolis theatre and is one of the major sites that remain preserved. There is also a museum dedicated to the city of Heirapolis and is just near the bathhouse.

Heirapolis ruins in turkey

Antique Pool

If you are looking to relax, then look no further! The pool is full of mineral rich hot springs that are world famous and it’s a once in a lifetime experience that you must not forego at any cost. You could also try the Karahayit hot springs which are located to the west of Panukkale. It’s a colourful network of pools and springs due to the mineral activity in the region. It is the perfect place to relax and soother away your back aches.

Antique Pool in Turkey

Cotton Castle

The castle sits between the region of Heirapolis and Pamukkale town. Built in the 12th century, this castle remains well preserved. A full day should be kept aside to visit the cotton castle since it is spread in a huge area.

Cotton castle in turkey


The city was once a major commercial centre bustling with activity. It is a great place for photographers and offers many panoramic views. It is also a valuable lesson in history too as the place was once a major centre of Christianity.  

Loadikeia in Turkey

Temple of Aphrodite

Built during 100 BC, this temple still survives. Housed in the city of Aphrodisias, it is a major tourist attraction in Turkey. It is a pagan temple and there is also a stadium which has a seating capacity of 30,000.

Temple of aphrodite in turke

Saraykoy and Kolossai

This major city served as a border town. It is known for its hot springs and the medical school. Kolossai was an important centre during the Hellenistic age and the subsequent Roman period. The city is today famous for the epistle of Saint Paul.

Saraykoy and kolossai


Formed as a result of calcium deposits that are left by the hot springs that are in abundance in the area, these travertines gradually fan out in all possible shapes and patterns. The place is open for tourist and you can walk barefoot and reach the summit. You can also sit and relax in the many pools of water and have a quite time.

Travertine in turkey