Plan Honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius is a very famous and attractive honeymoon destinations located in the picturesque Indian Ocean region. It is an ideal place to visit as a honeymoon couple and you can enjoy the various activities that are on offer here. You can stroll along the fantastic beaches that are famous for white sand, there are many resorts and hotels where you can stay comfortably and you can also enjoy paragliding or visit the National Park.

Plan Honeymoon in mauritius

Before you plan your honeymoon in Mauritius, discuss with your partner the kind of activities that you would like to indulge in. You could visit the many National Parks, try water sports such as snorkelling or go sailing. There are also many other activities including shopping as the place is known for cheap goods. The most popular stay of honeymoon couples is at the northern region of Mauritius so ensure that you check it out before deciding for a honeymoon in Mauritius.

Honeymoon in mauritius

Planning the best dates

You should ideally plan your honeymoon in Mauritius during the months of May and in winters. The weather is just right during these two seasons and the humidity is also low. Many tour operators offer cheaper plans during the off season so you could also get in touch with the many travel agencies to see if you get a better deal.

Best Dates in mauritius

Accommodation in Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its exotic resorts but there are many other hotels that cater to budget travellers so decide your budget and then select the hotel that you would like to stay in. You could try the many travel agents who sometimes offer highly attractive deals for honeymoon couples in Mauritius. Booking a good tour will offer you the option of seeing more of the island in a budget.

Accommodation in mauritius

Hiring a Car

You could also try hiring a car once you are in Mauritius as it will be much cheaper than booking a taxi. It is the best way to explore the island and will ensure that you save a lot of time on your travels also. The roads in Mauritius are built well and connect most parts of the island. Hiring a car will also allow you the flexibility of planning your visits at your own pace.

Hiring a car in mauritius


Mauritius is best known for its spas and you must definitely book in a spot with your loved one. There are a host of Indian, African, Chinese and European spa therapies on offer at many of the resorts in Mauritius and in addition, there is also the special Mauritian fusion plans directed at couples.

Spas in mauritius


There are many good restaurants in Mauritius and most often than not, you would find the restaurant of your hotel ideally suited to your needs. You could also try the many exotic restaurants that offer mouth watering dishes while enjoying your honeymoon stay in Mauritius. Some of the best places include Chapeau La Paille and Dewa Sons. The Mauritian cuisine is a fantastic amalgamation of many cultures so ensure that you book a special romantic dinner for your loved one.

Dining in mauritius