Pregnant and Travelling tips

Travelling while pregnant is a major hassle but sometimes you cannot afford to postpone an important trip. But planning well can ease your travelling experience when you are pregnant. Read below for some handy tips for pregnant women to ensure your travel experience is not marred by any unforeseen emergencies.

Pregnant and travelling tips

Time your travel trip

Pregnancy can cause many worries such as frequent nausea and tiredness. Try to schedule your travel during the second trimester when you would have gotten used to morning sickness. Strictly avoid travel unless absolutely necessary between 35-38 weeks of pregnancy. All popular airliners have policies and plans for pregnant travellers so ensure you check with your airline before confirming your travel plans.

Time your travel trip

Don’t travel to a far off destination

Don’t travel to a very far off destination when you are due to deliver in a few weeks. It can be difficult to be in a strange new place and you might not be familiar with the hospitals in the region which can make things difficult for you. Try to limit your travel to familiar destinations so you are always on guard. Also avoid places that are known for diseases and epidemics. Avoid going to places with water sports as indulging in such sports is a strict no for expecting moms. Do not indulge in any strenuous activities that can cause harm to your baby.

Travel to far off destination

Documentation is important

Always keep a copy of your medial history no matter which destination you are travelling to. Keep essential medications and supplies in stock so you don’t have to worry needlessly as some medicines may not be available at the place you are travelling to. Keep a copy of your health insurance handy in case you need to check in at a hospital. You should also consider purchasing travel insurance if you plan to travel abroad. Always check with the insurer beforehand and confirm about the various health exigencies included in your policy.

Important documentation

Avoid Flights

Aeroplanes are quick mode of travel but not very comforting when you are pregnant. You are likely to feel extra nauseated and travelling by road or train is a much better bet when you are pregnant. Try to ensure that you do not travel for more than eight hours at a stretch when you are pregnant otherwise you might experience severe back ache.

Avoid flights for pregdancy


Ensure you have enough supplies of your own so you are not left at the mercy of restaurants. Also ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated at all times. It’s always a good idea to stick to healthy food items when travelling. Fruits and dry fruits are some good options to consider if you are pregnant and travelling.

Foods for pregnancy

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Don’t wear tight fitting clothing if you are going to be travelling for a longer duration. Wear some loose fitting clothes that allow you to feel comfortable when you are pregnant and need to travel. Wear some loose fitting shoes that allow for blood circulation and avoid tight socks.

Pregnancy clothes