The Best Things to do in Mexico

Mexico is well known for its vibrant culture and rich heritage which is why it gets a steady flow of tourist throughout the year. There are many things to indulge in right from the majestic beauty of the copper canyon to the great architectural sites dating back to the Mayan period. Below is a list of things to do in Mexico.

Things to do in Mexico

Visit to Acapulco

A visit to Mexico is incomplete without visiting Acapulco. The most popular attraction is the local cliff divers who perform impressive jumps into the ocean. It is a very popular tourist destination among US college teens.

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It is located in the mountains of Sierra de Guanajuato. This town was founded way back in 1554 and is a standing testimony to the rich colonial history of Mexico. Another unique feature of this city is the underground network of tunnels for vehicular traffic making it the perfect city in the world to enjoy a walking tour.

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Located off the coast of Yucatan, this area is famous for diving. The place has become a National Marine Park and there are many species of tropical fishes and reefs that inhabit the area. A visit to Mexico is never the same without visiting Cozumel so ensure you do visit the area if you are there.

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Los Cabos

Los Cabos is the name of the beach region near the southern tip of Baja peninsula. The exotic white beaches are sprawled today with restaurants, bars and cafes. It is very good place for relaxation and enjoying the beach. Professional fishing is also permitted here and if you venture far, you can also get to see the whales that are found in the region.

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A ruin of the famed Maya empire, it is a bit smaller than other archaeological discoveries but is, a fabulous place to visit. The major tourist attraction is the Temple of Inscriptions and a full day is necessary to properly visit the place.

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Copper Canyon

It is basically a network of canyons that are in fact much larger than the Grand Canyon. While there are many ways to explore the copper canyon, the railway network is one of the best. The railway line passes through some 37 bridges and 86 tunnels giving you a breathtaking view of the region in all its glory.

Copper Canyon in mexico


The place is another Mayan architectural beauty but sadly, is in a state of decline. It was a major port centre during the Maya period and you can get a glimpse of this magnificent empire by visiting the Tulum.

Tulum in mexico

Chichen Itza

The greatest of all Maya cities, it is the most popular tourist attraction in Mexico. The most famous is the temple at the pyramid of El Castillo. The pyramid is built according to the number of days in a calendar year and its unique architectural design is what makes it so famous. There are other sites here too such as a circular temple of El Caracol.

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