Top Ten Cleanest cities in World to Travel

There are many cleanest cities but due to human expansion, many cities are losing a spot on this coveted list. Such places are so well maintained that they are a delight to visit and must be on your itinerary. Read below to get an overview of the top ten cleanest cities in world to travel.

  1. Oslo, Norway

Situated in Norway, Oslo is a quiet city in spite of being the capital of Norway. It is very expensive so if you are planning to travel to Oslo, ensure that you research carefully otherwise you will end up spending way beyond your budget.

Forgner park Oslo Norway

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

Norway’s neighbour is also not far on the list and Stockholm remains a popular travel destination because it’s clean, crime free and absolutely safe for travellers. It has very few industries and is relatively free of pollution. The public transportation in Stockholm is reliable and used by both travellers and natives.

Stockholm Sweden

  1. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the capital of Austria and known for its cultural life. It’s a very popular destination because it’s clean owing to its highly efficient waste management system and also because of its cultural life that includes many popular tourist destinations. Whether you are a music lover or an art enthusiast, you are bound to find something suited to your interest in Vienna.

Vienna Austria Donnerbrunnen

  1. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide banned cars that generate smoke a long time ago and has thus managed to preserve its environment. There are many parks in the city and garbage disposal is highly efficient. Adelaide is a fabulous place to visit if you are planning to travel to Australia.

Fountain Adelaide Australia

  1. Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg is world renowned for its flowers and is also the greenest city in the world. As a tourist, you can visit the many parks and gardens in Freiburg or enjoy the natural wonders that are in abundance here.

Freiburg Germany

  1. Singapore

Singapore is a major tourist destination and business centre in South Asia. The city is very clean because of strict government regulations that include a blanket ban on felling trees or plants.

Singapore City

  1. Kobe, Japan

Japan has always managed to secure a spot in the top ten cleanest cities in the world and Kobe does not disappoint in this department. The city is very clean and is a very popular tourist destination.

Kobe, Japan

  1. Calgary, Canada

Calgary has managed to secure its place in the top ten cleanest cities owing largely to its efficient sewage disposal system and efficient recycling which is strongly implemented by the government.

Calgary canada

  1. Zurich, Switzerland

It is the most famous of all tourist places in Switzerland owing to its cleanliness and natural beauty. The city has a very rich recycling system leading to its status as one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Zurich, Switzerland

  1. Luxembourg

The place is endowed in natural beauty and is called the Green Heart of Europe. The city is home to many forests so if you are a nature lover, then Luxembourg is the best place to visit.

Luxembourg travel