Travelling spots during Columbia Vacation

Columbia is full of surprises and amazing places that you can explore on your next vacation. Due to the safety issues that plagued Columbia a few years back, it was not a very popular tourist destination but the situation has changed now and the country has seen a steady inflow of tourist for quite some time. Right from the colonial city of Popayan to the Tayrona National Park, Columbia has a lot of tourist attractions. There are many great places to stay but its best to plan early and book a place in advance in order to avoid any hassles. Below is list of some of the most popular tourist spots which are worth a visit if you decide to visit Columbia on your next vacation.

Columbia vacation


Famously known as Ciudad Blanca or the white city, it is a colonial period city and a very nice place t visit. The city has a very good nightlife and you must make it a point to visit it if you are planning on a vacation in Columbia. Another major tourist attraction is the Maundy Thursday procession.

Popayan Columbia Vacation

San Agustin

San Agustin is another quiet town but a gem which few tourists know about. It is a major architectural wonder and houses a number of stone statues, sarcophagus, monoliths and petroglyphs. Dating as far back as 100 AD, this unique place must definitely feature on your itinerary.

San Agustin Columbia Vacation

San Gil

San Gil is a colonial era town and is known for the many activities that are on offer in this city. The place is famous for biking, mountaineering (and if you are into water sports) kayaking. There is also the Parque el Gallineral, a park set in a river and the Plaza de Mercado which is a market place and known for the various delicacies on offer.

San Gil Columbia Vacation


Easily the best known of all Columbian cities, Bogota has a lot to offer to tourists. Bogota is located in the picturesque mountains of Andes and has many museums which you can explore at your own pace. It also has a gold museum, botanical garden and a rich nightlife culture which is sure to mesmerise you.

Bogota Columbia Vacation

Tayrona National Park

The park is located on the Columbian coast and is a very beautiful place regardless of whether you are a nature lover or not. There are many kinds of natural forests in the region including swamps, scrublands to forests. A full day is needed to explore the place so plan ahead. The Tayrona beaches are among the best in the world and are also home to the condor, a rare species. You can do snorkelling here or simply enjoy the many animals which inhabit the place.

Tayrona National Park


Medellin was once famous as the most dangerous city because of the drug culture but it’s a relatively safer place now and has seen a boom in tourism. It is also located in the Andes and has very low temperatures throughout the year making it a perfect spot for your vacation. The city hosts a flower festival and is famous for its flowers.

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