What to do while travelling to Australia

Australia is a very popular tourist destination and has many things to offer no matter what your personal tastes are. There are so many popular islands where you can plan your special holiday or you could enjoy staying in a quiet and picturesque spot that offers you privacy to relax. You can decide to stay at a quiet island or go visit the Great Barrier Reef if you are a nature lover.

Travelling to australia

Snorkelling and scuba diving is very popular among the tourists and you should definitely try them in Australia. Read below for some recommendations that can come in handy if you are planning to travel to Australia.

Stay at an Island

Australia is home to many natural islands where you can plan a special getaway treat for yourself. Kangaroo Island is world renowned for its natural beauty and is a very popular tourist destination. Southern Ocean Lodge is a good place to stay if you plan to book a stay at Kangaroo Island. King Island is another natural wonder near Tasmania and is the perfect place if you are planning to simply relax at a quiet beach.

Lord howe island australia

Great Barrier Reef

Easily one of best known locations in Australia, a visit to the country is incomplete if you can’t find time to visit this reef. It is so huge that it’s even visible from outer space! There are many tour operators that offer fantastic trip options for the Great Barrier Reef so select one that allows you to spend some quality time there.

Great Barrier Reef Australia

Outback Trip

Australia is known for its outback culture and you can plan a trip simply hitch hiking or hire a car. It is one the best ways to tour the countryside. The country is home to a stunning combinations of natural wonders and an outback trip will ensure that you can visit the fabulous gorges and beaten trails at your own leisure. The Overland Track in Tasmania is a worthy mention if you are interested in some back pack tours.

Outback tour australia

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is in New South Wales and should be on your to do list if you plan on travelling to Australia. There are fabulous beaches where you can enjoy a quiet walk, there is surfing and snorkelling and a lot of historical places that you can visit.

Byron Bay in australia

Fraser Island

Located in Queensland, it is home to many wonderful beaches. There are inland lakes, forests, trail of the Dingo, snorkelling and scuba diving on offer here that is sure to ensure that the travelling experience ends on a high note.

Fraser Island in australia


Australia has a strong wine culture and you should definitely try some quality Australian wine whenever you decide to eat out on your Australia visit. Tasmania is famous for its white wines while Chardonnay is world famous and needs no introduction. Some wines are not very expensive and you should take some time exploring shops before you decide to purchase. Cuisine in Australia is a multi-cultural delight and you can have a fine dining experience in any good restaurant.

Dining in australia