Enjoy Healthy Seafood Diet

Enjoy A Healthy Life By Introducing Seafood In Your Diet


Oceans have a generous supply of sea food, rich in vitamins. Many people around the world on the oceans and seas for their daily supply of sea food. Did you know that sea food is richer in protein compared to poultry, sheep and cattle?


Fish is the most common type of sea food and it’s eaten by many people across the globe. It offers a generous supply of selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin A. These nutrients are crucial for development and improvement of infants’ brains. In adults, these nutrients provide protection against heart disease and stroke. 

Here are some of the benefits of eating fish. 


  1. Good For The Heart 


Did you know that people living in the Arctic region have very low risks of heart disease? That’s because they consume a lot of fish. It contains omega 3s and very low levels of saturated fats. Omega 3 is responsible for reducing the amount of cholesterol found in blood. 


It also protects your heart against heart disease. Most scientists suggest that having an extra fish meal will reduce the risk of heart disease by half. Therefore, more fish or other types of sea food will reduce your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke.


  1. Healthier Joints 


People suffering from arthritis have reported fewer symptoms after eating fish as part of their balanced diet. Eating more seafood, including fish can reduce rheumatoid arthritis and other related conditions. 


  1. Brighter Eyes 


Taking fish rich in oil will make your eyes bright and healthy. Do you have a lot of problems with your eye sight especially caused by old age? Omega 3 fatty acids will improve your eyesight. It works perfectly for people with AMD (age-related macular degeneration). It is a condition where people have blurry vision. Note that, fish is rich in vitamin A which boosts night vision.


  1. Basic Nutrients 


By taking fish, your body receives the necessary nutrients that keep you healthy. Some of these nutrients include iodine, selenium, zinc and potassium. Iodine is very useful for maintaining a healthy thyroid gland. Selenium creates enzymes that protect people from cancer.


  1. Glowing Skin 


Have you been trying to maintain glowing skin without any success? Well, you can try eating more fish in your diet. Omega 3 protects your skin from the effects of UV rays. Also, it relieves the skin from conditions such as eczema. It’s a good source of protein that provides collagen required for a firm, healthy and flexible skin. 


  1. Increased Brain Power 


The brain has a lot of fat and most of it comes from omega 3. Research has proven that people who take fish are less likely going to suffer from memory problems such as dementia when they grow old. One of the omega 3s found in sea food is DHA and it has been found to improve cognitive function in children. 


Fresh sea food is very delicious and nutritious, especially when prepared well. A lot of nonprofit organizations have endorsed seafood as well as government agencies because it contributes greatly to a healthy diet.,  If you are wondering about the benefits of sea food, start eating more in your balanced diet to enjoy those outlined above.


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