Pocket Cruiser

There are different cruises, but the best one which has specialized designed for recreational purposes is Pocket Cruiser. There are many facilities which are being provided in this, like club racing, etc. and have best of style, elegance with the full utility of it.

Some of the best Pocket Cruiser is as below:

  1. Jeanneau NC 9 

There are few things that make this pocket cruiser different from others is the class and size range. It comes with an electric sunroof which is one of the main cabins. It has the feature that it could flip and slide seats with other components and could be used in alternate forms for serving various purposes. It can go up to the speed of 29mph top and for cruise its 21-23mph.



  • Beneteau Swift Trawler 30 


With the Swift Trawler 30, Beneteau’s plan has expanded the overall lineup for competing in the market. It has a speed of 26mph top and for the cruise, it’s 15mph. It comes with a fuel tank of approximately 182 gallons and water storage of about 80 gallons. In this the head and shower are separated from below, so one does not have to wipe everything after each shower.



  • Back Cove 30 


It has the best of the looks, of sports, which gives the best of performance also and has the lounging space both indoor as well as outdoor. It comes with a speed of around 30 mph top. The tank for the fuel is 160 gallons and 58 gallons for water.



  • Marlow Pilot 32 


This comes in small size and many distinctive features, like a reverse stern, etc. In this there are comfortable, long lounges which could be port. In front of it, there is a dining table and it also has a relaxation area to stand alone. It has a tank for fuel with a capacity of 196 gallons, 30 gallons for waste, and for water, it’s around 90 gallons.



  • Cutwater C-302 Sport Coupe 


It is known as the SUV of the sea, catering to many of the innovative features in this small package. It comes with the dual Yamaha F300 4-stroke outboards which allow cutwater for opening the cockpit, as well as, underdeck stowage which will enhance performance. The speed of it is low 40 mph top and for cruise its low 30mph. It can store up to 300 gallons of fuel, 80 gallons of water, and for the waste, it can store 40 gallons.

Many of the Pocket cruisers are there from which one can choose as per the features or requirements one wants to have. Each though having many same features, but still, each one is unique with some specialties.