Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London is a famous tourist destination and gets a lot of visitors throughout the year. Dating back to the nineteenth century, it is a suspension bridge which is often confused with the London Bridge. It is world heritage site and a very popular tourist destination. The bridge is 244 m in length and serves both pedestrians and motorcars. It is now serviced through a hydraulic mechanism. Read below for an overview of Tower Bridge London.

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Things to Do

The major attraction is the bridge itself. It is on the river Thames and offers great spots for clicking pictures. Ensure that you have your camera at hand whenever you decide to visit the bridge. You should also explore the Tower Bridge Experience that will tell you about the history of the bridge and its mechanism. The bridge is free for all but if you wish to take the Tower Bridge Experience, then you need to purchase a ticket.

Tower Bridge In london

The London Pass includes major destinations such as the Tower Bridge. There are walkways for you to explore that now have glass flooring to make the experience more attractive. It offers spectacular views of the city and of the river and is a good opportunity to make use of your camera. The Tots at Tower Bridge is another popular activity aimed at kids where they can learn about the bridge and its mechanism and also explore the glass flooring before it opens for the general public.

Tower Bridge In london

The Bridge opens at least three times a day but the schedule is erratic so it’s best to check the scheduled times with the Tower Bridge Website. It is a good photo opportunity so try to plan your travel at the time of the opening of the bridge. It can be very crowded since its always open to the public so it’s best to plan an outing during the afternoon when it’s relatively traffic free.

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Places to See

Apart from the bridge, there are many popular tourist places worth a visit. Most popular are the Tower of London, City Hall and HMS Belfast. You should consider booking a walking tour or avail of the services of an agent for the same. There are many good budget options for such tours.

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There are many good restaurants in the vicinity where you can enjoy a good meal. If you are in London, then you should definitely try the Fish and Chips. There are also many good bars in the area where you can relax and enjoy a quiet time. A range of cuisines is always on offer and you can always try different delicacies.

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How to Reach?

If coming by the tube, then the nearest station is Tower Hill from where the bridge is a mere ten minute walk. The tube is the safest and quickest mode of transport but you can also make use of taxis or public transport if you like. There is also a car parking nearby if you decide to hire a private car.

Tower Bridge In london